FWACATA #1 1st Print Edition


From the guys who brought you VIGIL, Zombie Years, and Tommy comes his own self published anthology of comics FWACATA!


An interjection of Cuban Spanish origin is used when someone else smacks their head on something, falls, or otherwise causes themselves pain accidentally, particularly if you foresaw it happening. Likened to "wham."


MEATHOOK “Cause and Effect” -Long time character sees new light after 15 years gone! A reintroduction into the world of VIGIL

REZ “The Right View” - After an Occult accident, James Reznick a disgraced cop now has access to his past lives and uses them to solves crimes! But is he the one in charge or is this haunted man being pushed by something more sinister?

SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS - Buffy the Vampire slayer meets HBO after Dark in this body horror short featuring a cute golem and her love of mayhem! DEVIL BE DAMNED!

32 pages of awesome at your fingertips! Comes out quarterly!

FWACATA #1 APRIL 2022 Self Published by Juan Navarro , FWACATA comics, Imprint. All rights reserved. All contents copyright © Juan Navarro. All characters, events, and institutions depicted herein are fictional. Any similarity between any of the names, characters, persons, events, and/or institutions in this publication are unintended and purely coincidental. No portion of this book may be copied or transmitted in any form without the express permission of the creators or publisher, except for excerpts for journalistic and review purposes.